January 2020

Landmarks long gone but not forgotten

Source : Gulf news

Change is perhaps inevitable in a country that is as rapidly developing as the UAE. The skyline of Dubai, a kaleidoscope of wonder, is nothing like what it was as recently as a decade earlier, or even a couple of years ago. As new buildings, streets, flyovers and roundabouts keep springing up in place of once-celebrated landmarks, there are many places that are lost in the sands of time. Yet, some names have proved to be an exception. Having withstood the vagaries of time, they are routinely used even today to describe the areas around where they once stood, whipping up nostalgia in some and confusion in others.According to studies, landmarks and roundabouts have a great recall value when it comes to deciphering a route or giving directions to a certain place. The name of a vivid and distinctive building has been found to lend itself to better recollection than say, the name of a street. This is true with erstwhile buildings and places too. XPRESS brings you some locations in Dubai where the landmarks may have disappeared, but their names haven’t. From Defence and Falcon Roundabouts and Al Nasr and Strand Cinemas to the more recent Metropolitan, Hardrock Café, Ramada and Sana signals, the sense of déjà vu is unmistakable in Dubai as it marches on.

Defence Roundabout

Falcon RoundaboutView of the Falcon Roundabout

 Hard Rock Cafe

Metropolitan Hotel Metropolitan Hotel

Al nasrAl Nasr Cinema

Ramada HoteRamada Hotel

Deiras old souq,Deiras old souq,

Strand Cinema in Bur Dubai.Strand Cinema in Bur Dubai.

Emirates Centre building Emirates Centre building


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